Video: “Cody Zeller” Rap by Number 1 Playaz

After the game earlier this season when IU stomped the North Carolina Tar Heels, a few guys who call themselves the “Number 1 Playaz” rap group passed out their new CDs outside of Assembly Hall.

After weeks of positive feedback from many around BTown, they came out with a new song, “Cody Zeller.”

Take a listen and enjoy … maybe it’ll be the next big thing throughout Hoosier Nation.


Thanks to Danny Olson, Brice Fox, and Daniel Weber, we know that Hoosier Nation is capable of adopting a song about its beloved Indiana basketball program and help it grow exponentially.

About 2 years ago, “This is Indiana” became the hottest thing in Bloomington. Almost two million YouTube views later, you still hear it played at half time of every game at Assembly Hall.

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