Stats Show Similarities Between Victor Oladipo and Dwyane Wade At Same Age Under Same Coach

One reason why wins like today’s are fun is that I don’t feel the need to watch every single second during the second half, and I can indulge in a statistical curiosity or two.

Today, that curiosity revolved around Victor Oladipo, whose season can pretty well be split into two sections: pre-Purdue and post-Purdue.

And a random thought hit me today: Oladipo’s role is morphing into one consistent with athletic, multi-talented Tom Crean guards of years past – the kind he hasn’t had at Indiana. Of course, the most famous of Crean’s such guards is Dwyane Wade, who played two seasons for Crean at Marquette.

So I wondered: how do Oladipo’s numbers over the last six games compare to Wade’s numbers as a sophomore? I was pleasantly surprised with the answer.

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