• Chris Robb (@chrobb)
    Wow. The @AssemblyCall post game recap emails are awesome. Bulleted summary of each half and great analysis that gets right to the point.
    Chris Robb (@chrobb)
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  • Nicole Stipp
    Assembly Call is literally the best provider of solid, succinct and myriad recaps of games. They also are good writers so it doesn't suck to read.
    Nicole Stipp
  • Scott Love
    I enjoy the podcasts & post game shows and look forward to tuning in again this season.
    Scott Love
  • I'm from Louisville and as you can guess fellow IU fans here are scarce. I look forward to getting my news letter because it helps me keep up with my team from 2 hours away.
    Caitlyn Thompson
  • Pam Hegner (IU, '95)
    I truly enjoy the intelligent analysis and thought that goes into the content on the page, and the post game shows. You guys do a great job of breaking things down because you know your stuff and write/speak very well.
    Pam Hegner (IU, '95)
  • Jared Weyerbacher (IU, '08)
    Whether basking in a signature victory or wallowing in a coulda/shoulda/woulda defeat, loyal Hoosier basketball lovers need a place where they can surround themselves with likeminded fans for intelligent post-game wrap-up. That place is The Assembly Call.
    Jared Weyerbacher (IU, '08)
  • Alex Miller
    I love The Assembly Call because I love getting the break down of the game and scoring
    Alex Miller
  • Andrew Litwiller
    I look forward to the Assembly Call newsletter because I live on the West Coast and I need a way to stay up to date on the Hoosiers!!
    Andrew Litwiller
  • Ken Yoder
    REALLY like your site ... I really like the fact that you cover a lot of different areas about the program and the information is always very informative and well presented.
    Ken Yoder
  • Ellen Walden
    Because it's Indiana. I have been following since 1970 and I just loves me some IU Bball.
    Ellen Walden
  • Judi McCoy (IU, '61)
    As an out-of-state alum, there is not much information available to me on IU basketball or any other sport. As a result I subscribe to whatever comes along. I'm a new subscriber to Assembly Call and looking forward to getting information I otherwise wouldn't get.
    Judi McCoy (IU, '61)