IU-NCCU Quick Recap and Postgame Show

Indiana went into tonight knowing that it was virtually guaranteed of victory barring some kind of miracle. No miracle took place, and the Hoosiers picked up their 21st victory of the season with a ho-hum 75-56 win over North Carolina Central.

Cody Zeller, Victor Oladipo, and Will Sheehey all stood out as having particularly strong games. But the story coming out of tonight’s game was the continued struggles of Jordan Hulls and, especially, Christian Watford.

Hulls was a confident 2-3 from the field, so he assuaged some concerns despite scoring only 5 points. Watford, however, went 0-8 from the field and scored just two points on a couple of free throws. Indiana needs him to return to his early-season form to defeat teams like Michigan State and make a run in the Big Ten Tourney.

On tonight’s episode of The Assembly Call, we spend a lot of time talking about Watford and Hulls, as well as IU’s current standing when it comes to the NCAA Tournament.

We’ll see you Sunday after IU battles Minnesota in Williams Arena at 1:00 ET on ESPN.

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  1. Johnny says

    Hulls didn’t struggle.  Just because he had 5 points?  He handled the ball and had many great passes………….whats the problem?

    • says

       I think it’s all relative. Jordan was 2-3 and looked confident shooting, and he did make some good passes, as we mentioned. But ultimately he had 5 points, 3 turnovers, and was still a bit too passive finding his shot. I think it would be insult to Jordan to accept his performance last night as somehow on par with what we know he can do. Both Jordan and Christian need to get going again with the tough matchups we have coming up. Hulls certainly showed more progress than Wat busting out of his slump last night, but I still expect more from both of them.

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