IU-Michigan Postgame Show: Zeller, Oladipo Carry Hoosiers To Outright Big Ten Title


In a complete basketball haze, and not knowing what else to say, that one word over and over again is all I could muster in the immediate aftermath of Indiana’s improbable late game comeback win today over Michigan.

And as you surely know, that victory gave Indiana the outright Big Ten title in one of the toughest Big Ten seasons I can ever remember.

It was a strange game, a game that ebbed and flowed, that featured runs and comebacks and great plays and sloppy ones … and ultimately it featured two of the nation’s best players strapping their team onto their backs and leading it to victory. Cody Zeller and Victor Oladipo were magnificent today, as they have been all season.

We discuss those two (and which one we’d cast our Player of the Year votes for) as well as break down this crazy game, all while savoring the tremendous accomplishments that this IU team has achieved. It was a great win, and it’s a great day for Indiana basketball.

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