IU Commemorates Memorable 2011-12 Season With Sweet 16 Rings

I don’t know if I speak for the other members of The Assembly Call team, but I fully support Indiana commemorating last season’s memorable ride with Sweet 16 rings.

Via Remy Abell’s Instagram account (hat tip The Blueprint):


Personally, I’d have gone another step and hung a banner in Assembly Hall to commemorate last season. I wrote my reasoning after the season ended. Some agreed, some didn’t, and there are great arguments on both sides.

To all who scoff at my idea, and who will scoff at the Sweet 16 rings, I will just remind you that the measure of athletic achievement should not be on titles alone. Like Pete Bell alluded to in his epic speech in Blue Chips, it should be about a team living up to the maximum of its abilities. To fulfilling its potential. Last year’s Indiana team did that, and provided one of the most thrilling and memorable sports rides I’ve ever experienced in the process.

There is empty space hanging on one side of Assembly Hall for a sixth banner. That won’t change until its hung, at which point there will then be empty space awaiting #7. But it’s not all about the banners. It’s about the journey. It’s about the experience. And it’s okay to take pride in milestones and achievements along the way.

If Tom Crean doesn’t think Sweet 16 rings will lessen the hunger for a championship, then I trust him. And I support the gesture.

Now let’s get going on hanging banner #6 tonight.

Postgame show starts as soon as the game ends: http://assemblycall.com/live

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