• Complete Recap and Analysis of Every Game

    Relive what each win and loss felt like in the moment.

  • Foreword by Dr. Lydia Ferrell

    Yogi's mom shares her thoughts on her son's legacy-cementing season.

  • Now available in paperback!

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From the authors:

  • Andy Bottoms, Co-Host of The Assembly Call
    By season’s end this team had worked its way onto the list of favorite IU teams for so many longtime Hoosier fans, myself included. Ultimately that’s what made putting this book together so enjoyable. It gave us a chance to relive all the little moments along the way that can fade into the background over the entirety of a season.
    Andy Bottoms, Co-Host of The Assembly Call
  • Ryan Phillips, Co-Host of The Assembly Call
    When something is "better than advertised" it exceeds expectations in some way. While Indiana wound up about where it started in the rankings, and its record was close to where some expected it to be, those are just numbers. The actual story of the season was the trip the Hoosiers took to get there. They welcomed us aboard and we stayed with them the entire way.
    Ryan Phillips, Co-Host of The Assembly Call

Praise for Better Than Advertised:

  • Mudbelly, 5-Star Amazon Review
    I discovered these guys during this past B-ball season. The passion and value they bring is unsurpassed. This book is helping me get through the August doldrums !!! Thanks to Grandma, I became a Butler fan circa 1956 watching Channel 4. Added IU as my primary team when the Van Arsdale twins committed to the Hoosiers. Keep up the good work Jerod & Company.
    Mudbelly, 5-Star Amazon Review
  • Brian Ratts, 5-Star Amazon Review
    This book was like being there all over again. Can't thank you guys enough. Been a Hoosier fan my entire life. I am 69. You put words to my love of Hoosier Basketball. THANK YOU.
    Brian Ratts, 5-Star Amazon Review
  • Really enjoyed this book! It was fun being able to re-live the season ...great job!
    Anonymous 4-Star Amazon Review
  • Sally Newland, 5-Star Amazon Review
    I enjoyed this book much more than I thought I would! Being an IU alum and a fan for never mind how many years, I find that I still enjoy reading about whole seasons and remembering the players and games. This book is definitely a keeper and I applaud the guys at AssemblyCall.com for putting this together. Now that I can go back and relive the games through this book whenever I choose, the months before we begin it all over again may not seem so miserably long!
    Sally Newland, 5-Star Amazon Review
  • Anonymous 5-Star Amazon Review
    Great read, giving you the highlights of the 2015-2016 run of the IU men's basketball team. Great stats, and summaries of each game, as well as great summary of the season that was so much better than advertised.
    Anonymous 5-Star Amazon Review

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