IU-Northwestern Postgame: After Frustrating Fortnight, Finally … a Win

It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t against a team at full strength. It wasn’t against a team that was hot coming in.

But it was a win. A road win — in the Big Ten.

And after the horrific last fortnight the Indiana Hoosiers have experienced (three straight losses and a whole bunch of other crap), it was exactly what the team needed.

We broke it all down on the latest episode of The Assembly Call.


And here’s the video:

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Interview with Will Fesler … a Young IU Fan Who Would Have Been Sitting Right Where the Ceiling Panel Fell

On Tuesday, February 18th, a piece of metal facing from the ceiling of Indiana’s Assembly Hall fell out of the blue … then into the blue, crashing into a row of seats that would have been filled with cheering Hoosier fans were it just a quarter of a day later.

One of those fans who narrowly avoided disaster is Will Fesler, a high school student and die-hard IU fan who attends Hoosier games in Assembly Hall with his father (like so many of us do or used to do).

Will is an avid IU tweeter — follow him here: @WillFesler11 – and we reached out to get his thoughts on one of the more bizarre days in IU hoops history.

Plus, he shares his favorite Assembly Hall memory. (I bet you can guess what it is …)

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Interview with Chronic Hoosier on a Lifetime of Hoosier Loyalty

Our newest feature here at The Assembly Call is our IU Interview Series.

In it, we are interviewing some of the behind-the-scenes folks who make, and who have made, Indiana basketball the proud and successful program it is and always will be.

chronic-hoosierThis installment is an interview I conducted with Chronic Hoosier, your favorite IU Twitter fanatic.

Below, Chronic provides anecdotes and opinions on a number of topics including:

  • Where that name came from
  • The craziest moment he’s ever experienced in the Assembly Hall
  • His favorite Hoosier player to interact with over all of these years
  • Why he feels like he and the rest of us are still getting to know Tom Crean

And a lot more. Enjoy.

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IU-Penn State Postgame: Hoosiers Play ‘Afraid to Win’ … So They Don’t

The Indiana Hoosiers blew a 54-41 second half lead tonight.

At home.

To Penn State.

Actually, it’s worse than that. Indiana was up 61-51 at the under-4:00 timeout. Yet they lost, 66-65. And for the last three minutes of the game tonight, Indiana looked afraid to win.

Which is why they didn’t.

Andy, Ryan, and I do our best to break it all down on this episode of The Assembly Call. Read below for Zach’s synopsis.


And here’s the video:

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IU at Minnesota Postgame: Hoosiers Fall Again on Road, but Reasons for Optimism Persist

Once again, Indiana failed to protect a halftime lead on the road, falling Saturday night 66-60 to Minnesota.

And yet, unlike the Nebraska loss, when Indiana led by 13 at the half and then was essentially non-competitive in the 2nd half, tonight felt different.

The Hoosiers struggled on offense in the second frame, turning the ball over far too much, but they battled. And they made some key shots to stop runs. They were in this one, in a very tough environment where even #1-ranked IU teams have faltered.

As we discuss on the postgame show, this loss makes the next two games — home versus Penn State and at Purdue — absolute must-wins. If Indiana can get them, this loss will sting a lot worse than it does right now.

Still … damn. It was there for the taking. Hopefully these young Hoosiers will learn how to win games like this before the current season is over.


And here’s the video:

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IU-Michigan Postgame: Yogi, Crean Rise to Occasion in Must-Win Game for IU

Indiana played its best game of the season today, notching a huge 63-52 home victory over #10 Michigan.

Yogi Ferrell is going to get a lion’s share of the credit, as he should for a sterling 27-point performance than included a Hullsian 7-8 from downtown.

But Tom Crean and his staff also deserve huge kudos for having a great defensive gameplan and for adjusting their lineup strategy mid-game to put this young team in a position to notch a huge, much-needed victory.

Jerod and Andy broke it all down, including Noah Vonleh’s terrific bounce-back performance, in the latest edition of The Assembly Call.


And here’s the video:

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IU-Nebraska Postgame: “I’ve never felt worse about a 13-point halftime lead”

All of Indiana’s Big Ten games down the stretch are huge. That was the case Thursday night in Lincoln, where Indiana took on a resurgent Cornhuskers ball club that has been great at home this year.

For a half, it looked like Indiana might be able to get the road win. Even though the Hoosiers had not played particularly well — leading Jerod to tweet that he had “never felt worse about a 13-point halftime lead” — a good team should be able to protect a double-digit halftime lead, even on the road.

But the 2nd half started and, almost immediately, the bottom fell out. The end result was a 60-55 loss for the Hoosiers.

Jerod, Andy, and Ryan broke down this disappointing Indiana loss on the latest episode of The Assembly Call.


And here’s the video:

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IU-Illinois Postgame: Hoosiers Defend and Rebound to Take Care of Business at Home

The Hoosiers fell in overtime back on New Year’s Eve to the Fighting Illini to open the Big Ten season.

But IU returned the favor on Saturday afternoon by taking down U of I in what we like to refer to as “the real Assembly Hall.”

Immediately after the game, Jerod, Ryan, and Andy broke down the strong defense and rebounding efforts — as well as the ugly offense — Indiana put on display to get this much-needed conference win:


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IU-Michigan State Postgame: A Valiant Effort Falls Short

This was one heck of an effort from your Indiana Hoosiers.

After dropping a game in embarrassing fashion to Northwestern over the weekend, IU looked to right the ship on Tuesday in East Lansing. But playing on the road against the Spartans, currently ranked third in the nation, is about as tough a task as a team can come across. [Read more...]