IU-Illinois Postgame Show: Yogi Ferrell Night Turns Into a Celebration for All

We knew tonight was going to be special.

We just didn’t know how special.

Turns out, it was a very special night in Bloomington — one that will go down in the record books for more reasons than just the one we expected.

We expected that Yogi Ferrell would become Indiana’s all-time assist king, and he didn’t wait long to do it. His no-look pass to Max Bielfeldt was the assist that passed Michael Lewis for the school record.

About 32 minutes later, Harrison Niego’s three-pointer (off a pass from the newest Hoosier, Jackson Thayer) set the school record for three-points in a game at 19.

As Will noted on the postgame show, every Hoosier who played 10 minutes made at least one three-pointer — including, yes, Thomas Bryant. The big man stroked a 3 early that tied Yogi for the record.

It was a splendid overall performance by Indiana. Troy Williams played one of his best games of the season, Robert Johnson was terrific on both ends, and Max Bielfeldt had a 10-0 run all by himself at one point!

The Illini who showed up tonight won’t win many more Big Ten games. The Hoosiers who showed up tonight are contenders for a Big Ten title.

It was Yogi Ferrell Night in Bloomington, but everyone to contributed to a night to remember in Assembly Hall.

We broke it all down on the latest episode of The Assembly Call IU Postgame Show.

The Assembly Call Crew is Coming to Bloomington on January 30th!

And we want to meet as many of you as possible.


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We are really excited about this, and our plan is to make it an annual tradition.

I am flying in from Dallas, Ryan is flying in from San Diego, and Andy is driving in from Cincinnati.

We’ll be attending the IU-Minnesota game on January 30th, and then hosting a meetup somewhere in Bloomington after the game. (We’re working on Nick’s, but if you have other ideas, let us know.)

This will be the first time ever (seriously), that we’ve all physically been in the same room together.

Crazy right?

It even seems crazy to me, given how much time the three of us have spent talking IU hoops over the past five years, but it’s true.

I can’t wait. We’ll get to meet Will too, as well as our interns, plus many of you, we hope.

Please reply in the comment section or email me privately to let me know:

  • If you will be in town for the IU-Minnesota game.
  • If you’re interested in joining us for the meetup after the game.

More details to come!

IU-Notre Dame Link Roundup: “We just came together.”

Link Roundup Image

The Standards

Featured Article

Justin Albers makes a great point in his postgame piece: Tom Crean uses unlikely lineup to spark Indiana’s comeback win over Notre Dame.

Many in the media and on Twitter were quick to credit Indiana’s zone defense, which looked like a 1-3-1 but Crean called “more of a 2-3”. I don’t think it was the zone. That’s the same zone that was atrocious against Duke.

No, I think it was more about the confidence and effort of the guys playing the zone than the zone itself. Crean went with a lineup of guys who make up for in effort what they lack in talent, and that play for the team and not for themselves.

Now the rest of the jubilant and flabbergasted postgame links … :-)

In his Minute After, Ryan Corazza says, “The Hoosiers play hard. They don’t give up. They don’t fold. It hasn’t always looked that way from afar, but it’s the truth.”

In his postgame notebook, Andrew Valliencourt quotes Robert Johnson, who said: ““It’s a building block for us definitely. We’ve been in this situation before where we were down, and we just came together.”

In the postgame 2-4-7, the guys at Inside Indiana point out how important offensive rebounding was to Indiana’s victory.
In his postgame recap, Gregg Doyel of the Star discusses how jeers turned to cheers as the Hoosiers went on their big run.

In his recap, Rick Bozich explains how Indiana overcame a bad start to the 2nd half to deliver an unprecedented comeback in the Tom Crean era.

Pete DiPrimio wonders if this win will propel Indiana to fulfill its preseason expectations.

For the Indy Star, Zach Osterman believes that the Indiana defense took a step forward in this game.

For the Indiana Daily Student, Michael Hughes discusses how Indiana found a way to come together and find victory.

Mike Miller and Jeremy Price discuss this victory in “Scoop Talk.” You can watch the video here.

Speaking of Miller, you can catch up on his recap here. He discusses how Indiana found a way to violently shift the game’s momentum.

For All Hoosiers, Justin Albers applauds Crean for trying something new. He says, “Just when things reached the proverbial tipping point for Tom Crean and Indiana, Crean tried something different, and was rewarded for it.”

For the Crimson Quarry, Ben Raphel breaks down this “strange game.”

More links to come as they are published!

IU-Notre Dame Postgame Show: Flawed Hoosiers Prove Undaunted and Do Not Falter


As late as the middle of the second half, it felt like a season of great expectations was slipping away.

But somehow this flawed group of Indiana Hoosiers found a way to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

And in the process, Indiana got a signature non-conference win that the Hoosiers’ future NCAA Tournament resume is so desperately going to need.

As thrilling and necessary as Indiana’s 17-2 run was to close game, it doesn’t erase the poor 30 minutes that preceded it. Clearly Tom Crean and the Indiana coaching staff will have no shortage of mistakes to pick apart of point out.

Performances like this will get you beaten nine times out of ten.

But perhaps the way this game played out can be a positive for the Hoosiers. Perhaps important lessons that have not been learned were learned. Perhaps essential chemistry that had not yet been developed was developed.

Or, perhaps this will prove to just be an exciting blip in an otherwise mediocre and disappointing season.

We won’t know for a while. But for today, and surely through Christmas, Indiana and its fans can exhale. These Hoosiers never stopped fighting, they proved undaunted, and in the end they didn’t falter.

And sometimes in games this important, given the context that surrounded it, that’s all that matters.

Proud of you Hoosiers. Hell of a win.

We broke it all down on the latest episode of the Assembly Call.

Listen to the podcast here:

Or watch the replay:

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Cast Your Vote: Who Are the Greatest Hoosiers of All Time?

50 Greatest Hoosiers

Here is a fun diversion while we all continue to pass the time until IU-Notre Dame on Saturday (in addition to our IU-ND preview show) …

Who do you think are the greatest Hoosiers of all time?

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The Greatest Indiana Hoosiers of All Time